Tip Junkie Giveaway!

Hey everyone--I am doing a giveaway at Tip Junkie! In honor of Tip Junkie's Birthday they are having 20 days of giveaways! How exciting to be a part of this event! Check out their site, it is a great resource for moms and
families--and for both SAHM & WAHM.
Just click on the link above to see what great things are going on!!!
Giveaways start on June 30th--I will let you know when
my giveaway will be posted as soon as the schedule is
finalized. Don't just take my word for such a great site--
check it out for yourself and
see what amazing and creative items you can win!


1 comment:

NIKKI said...

I'll be entering every day! I've won three giveaways myself from different sites!! I'm addicted! :)