How to Order:

For all orders select the following + send an email to

Select a Product + Size:
Flat Notecard, Folded Notecard, Enclosure Card, Label/Sticker, Invitation, Favor Tag, Luggage Tag, Holiday Photo Card, Birth Annoncement, Custom, Etc.
(See Price List for all sizes available)
Select a Pattern:
Current Pattern Line Available- Graphic Ring, Lattice, Mod Dot, Petite Dot, Petite Ring, Preppy Stripe, Tile or Custom.
Select a Decorative Frame Style:
See Decorative Frames
Select Pattern Color + Frame Color
Select Image and/or Monogram
Select your Wording:
Use wording from some of our products or feel free to choose your own.
Please include YOUR NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE# and EMAIL ADDRESS when placing all orders.
If you have any questions about our products or would like to purchase a custom item please contact us at

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